Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us for your Memory Blanket?

  • You will receive a personal consultation so we understand your needs and those of your gift recipient. If you are local to the western suburbs of Philadelphia, you are welcome to come to our studio so we can talk through your project together.
  • Your clothing will be custom cut to maximize the size of your blanket, ensure your logos are nicely displayed, and include all of your treasures.
  • Have a shirt that is smaller than the rest? Want to add a patch or small piece of clothing? Your smaller items can be appliquéd on to your blanket.
  • We can combine one, two, or even three pieces of clothing to create one fun square, such as a home and away jersey, the pants and shirt from an outfit or pjs, or two shirts from the same place in different colors.
  • The name from the back of your jersey can be appliquéd onto the front logo or elsewhere on your blanket.
  • Your blanket will be backed in a cozy, soft, pre-washed flannel or fleece in your choice of a variety of colors.
  • Your blanket will showcase a wide border of your backing color, creating a beautiful “frame” for your work of art.
  • You can choose the direction of the logos on your blanket. Your logos can either face in one direction or face in various directions.
  • Your blanket is created with love by a qualified, experienced seamstress and our studio is fully insured.

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you to create your Memory Blanket.