We were truly blessed to have had an amazing influence in our lives, Dolly, my Grammy. She was one of those people who treated each and every person in her life as a gift. She was supportive, caring, smart, and fun. When she became ill with Alzheimer's, the entire family (all her children and grandchildren) worked together to care for her. When she passed away, she left a hole in our family that we try to fill by following her example.

That Christmas, we gave all the members of the family angel ornaments created from her favorite red and white pjs. Since we had all helped care for her, everyone recognized the fabric. Decorating the tree at Christmas had always been a family affair with Grammy and now, each year, when that special ornament is hung, we smile and remember the joy she brought to our lives.

What's in a name? Since the beginning of Once Upon a Time Creation, we have been creating new things from old. Sometimes it wasn't obvious how life stated for our creations, so our tags read "Once Upon a Time, I was a ..." As all things do, our business has evolved into custom creations made just for you. We believe our name holds a new meaning as every piece we create tells a story. What story will your creation tell> Your childhood journey? Your love story? The history of a lost loved one?

Our mission is to help you celebrate memories in a new way. You save clothes for a reason, they hold special memories for you. They are not meant to be stuck in storage. They are meant to be enjoyed every day in a meaningful way that brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. The possibilities are endless and we love the whole process...getting to know you, designing each piece, and sharing your memories.